It seems that there are more and more events every year. Not all are organised by us but all seem to be a wonderful opportunity to dance and enjoy pleasant company. Many of our participants speak English and there's also no problem in calling the dances in both Czech and English. If you'd like to attend our event but still have some questions or doubts, feel free to contact us

Our next events are: 

...unfortunately cancelled, due to governmental restrictions. We'll keep you posted once the situation changes.
We hope to hold at least our regular monthly informal dance evenings in Brno which you are more than welcome to attend


We would like to invite you to our upcoming event: 

Our main event has been postponed to a new date in September; you can find detailed information on the event website

If you would like to know about our future events in time, you can sign up to receive information by e-mail

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are looking forward to meeting you :-)

Past events... 
These are our events since 2011. Most photos can be found in our FB group

13/9/2020 - Chateau Čechy pod Kosířem
EMPIRE DAY  -  Dance workshop, picnic, ball at a country house

22/2/2020 - Místodržitelský palác, Brno
IT TAKES TWO - Winter ice skating and Ball

9/11/2019 - Governor's Palace, Brno
SANDITON SEASON - All-day dance workshop and Ball

15/9/2018 - Kavárna Trojka, Dům Pánů z Kunštátu

15/9/2018 - Zámek Slavkov u Brna

18/5/2019 - Čechy pod Kosířem chateau
EMPIRE DAY - Dance workshop, picnic, musical soirée, grand ball

23/2/2019 - Místodržitelský palác, Brno
WINTER PASTIMES - Ice skating, tea with a lecture and Ball

3/11/2018 - Sýpka, Brno - Medlánky
NOVEMBER AT NORTHANGER - All-day dance workshop and Ball

10/10/2018 - Dům Pánů z Kunštátu
HARVEST DANCE or the Best of Them All - a dance evening for beginners

19/5/2018 - Čechy pod Kosířem chateau

22/4/2018 - Kačina Chateau
RUDOLF CHOTEK DAY - Tailor-made dance and drama programme at a country manor

24/2/2019 - Dům Pánů z Kunštátu, Brno
YE OLDE DANSERYE - an informal dance evening with a historical theme

4/11/2017 - Sýpka, Brno - Medlánky
EXOTIC ENGLAND - All-day dance workshop and Ball

18/7/2017 - Brno  
Poetic evening marking the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's passing

20/5/2017 - Čechy pod Kosířem chateau

12/3/2017 - Květná zahrada, Kroměříž
CAMELIA PROJECT - Tailor-made dance and drama at Kroměříž UNESCO Gardens

25.2. 2017 - Brno- Tuřany
ALL IN THE GARDEN GREEN - Informal dance evening at a local inn

4.11. 2016 Brno - Medlánky
A BALL IN BATH - All-day dance workshop and Ball

4.6. 2016 Olomouc
EMPIRE DAY - Dance workshop, picnic, town hall visit, theatre, ball

6.22016 Hostinec U Dvořáků, Brno - Komín
MERYTON ASSEMBLY - Informal dance evening at a local inn

14.11. 2015 Sýpka, Brno - Medlánky
ALL-DAY DANCE WORKSHOP AND BALL "Thank goodness we have apples!"


23 May 2015, Olomouc
21 February 2015, Sýpka, Brno - Medlánky
Winter dance Evening  "TEA AND ROSES"

26 November 2014 Oxford Bookshop, Brno
English reading night -  Northanger Abbey

8 November 2014 Sýpka, Brno - Medlánky
DANCE WORKSHOP AND BALL  "Northanger Nightmares"

14.2. 2014 Sýpka, Brno - Medlánky
WINTER BALL  "Emma's Masked Ball"

9 November 2013 Sýpka, Brno - Medlánky
DANCE WORKSHOP AND BALL  "Pleasures of Pemberley"


23 June 2013 Lužánky Park, Brno

6 April 2013, Governor's palace, Moravské nám., Brno


9 February 2013  Sýpka, Kytnerova 1, Brno - Medlánky 
ENGLISH REGENCY BALL "To Be Fond of Dancing..."  

24.1. 2013  Jiří Mahen City Library, Kobližná 4, Brno
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 200 - an evening of experiences

10.11. 2012  Sýpka, Kytnerova 1, Brno - Medlánky 
ENGLISH COUNTRY DANCE workshop and BALL  "Autumn Assembly Rooms"  

First photos from the event can be found here.


12.5. 2012   Sýpka, Kytnerova 4, Brno - Medlánky 

18.2.2012   Restaurace U Dvořáků, Brno - Komín 

5.11.2011   Sýpka, Kytnerova 4, Brno - Medlánky 

6.10.2011  Jiří Mahen Library, Kobližná 4, Brno


An evening of reading, music, dancing and tea. 

12.6. 2011  Bílovice n.Svit.
Second workshop of English Country Dances with Katka Doležalová
6.-8.5. 2011 Květuš, South Bohemia
John Playford weekend led by Jitka Bonušová

27.3. 2011  Bílovice n.Svit.